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Exclusive Dealerships


As well as being able to purchase the Brilliance range of Hi-Fi and AV cables direct, we benefit from the enthusiastic support of our carefully selected audio dealerships. These professional hi-fi dealers provide value-added support and services, with many also offering in-home cable trials so that the customer may buy with confidence after experiencing the performance of the product in his/her own audio system. If you have a local dealer within a reasonable distance, we suggest that you demo and purchase your cables from that dealer.

Peter Tyson (

We are excited to announce the enlistment of a the respected Peter Tyson dealership in Carlisle, who also specialise in quality AV systems as well prominant Hi-Fi brands. Agencies include Arcam, Linn, Denon, Pioneer and Roksan among others.

Tel. 0870 787 4933 or contact "david" at the website of

Brighton Hi-Fi Exchange (

BHE are one of the most respected Hi-Fi retailers in the UK and we are very excited that they have chosen to sell the Brilliance range of cable products. Agencies include Acoustic Signature, ASR, Basis, Kings Audio, Luxman and Music First among others.

Tel. 01580 878 101 or contact "dave" at the website of

Walrus Systems (

We are very pleased to announce that Walrus Systems of London have agreed to sell the Brilliance Hi-Fi range of cables. Walrus are without doubt our most prestigious dealership to date adding further credibility to our product range. Walrus just love vinyl replay as can be seen from their extensive product listing including Mitchell, Nottingham , Roksan, Origin Live, Clearaudio, SME and Brinkmann. Amplification can come from the likes of Musical Fidelity, Consonance, EAR Yoshino, Shanling, Mcintosh, and speakers from Hyperion, Stirling Broadcast, Tannoy but to name a few. We are proud to be considered along side such eminent brands.

Tel 020 7724 7224, or e-mail "contact" at the web site of

Retro Reproduction (

Established 1999, Retro Reproduction are a main dealer for EAR/Yoshino, Nottingham Analogue, Dynavector, ATC, Graham Slee, Sonneteer, Haddock, Cartridge Man and now Brilliance. In addition they are a specialist supplier of vintage classic quality products such as Quad, Leak, Linn and Tannoy.

Tel 0131 558 9989, or e-mail " retro234" at the web site of

Orpheus Audio (

Orpheus Audio specialise in home demonstrations of fine two-channel audio. Valves take preference, appealing to customers who want their systems to look as good as they sound. Their exclusive product range includes Shanling, EAR, Heart, Monopulse, with the Brilliance range of cables well matched to these outstanding amplifiers and esoteric speakers.

Demonstrations are available by appointment in Gatley, Cheshire. Tel 0161 428 1539. e-mail "anything" at the web site of

Orpheus Audio commented about Brilliance cables:
“In a competetive market, we find Brilliance cables offer tremendous value for money. If neutrality, clarity, exquisite detail allied to superb soundstage abilities appeal to you, these cables should be at the top of your auditioning list“.

Acoustica (

Acoustica is the leading specialist supplier of quality Hi-Fi and Home Cinema for the North West of England, the West Midlands and North Wales with shops in Chester and Stafford . Their selective agencies include Naim, Rotel, REL, Classe, B&W and Focul.JMlab.

Tel 01244 344 227 or 01785 258 216.

The Musical Experience

Based in the Isle of Man, The Musical Experience have a combined 60 years experience in system building and can help you assemble a truly special sounding system at a fraction of the cost that you might otherwise think possible. They are unashamedly focussed on the higher end of music reproduction, but their expertise combined with a careful selection of products means you will not have to spend a small fortune to get top performance.

Brands include Origin Live, SME, Shanling, Musical Fidelity, Revolver, Spendor and Brilliance. Contact Mycl on 01624 824474, Brian on 01624 817230, or e-mail
"info" at the web site of

Matrix Hi-Fi (

Dartford based Matrix Hi-Fi is a leading supplier of new and used audio equipment and openly acknowledges that “they love valves”.

Brands include Shanling, Heart, Inca, Project, Roksan, Omega and now Brilliance.

Tel 01322 292 391, or e-mail "info" at the web site of

Acton Gate Audio (

Acton Gate Audio are a well established friendly family business in Wrexham specialising in both Hi-Fi and home cinema.

Brands include Audio Analogue, Arcam, Denon, Musical Fidelity, Castle, JM Labs, Quad, Pathos, Michell and now Brilliance.

Tel 01978 364 500, or e-mail "info" at the web site of

Premier Audio

Wakefield-based Premier Audio have a very impressive equipment portfolio including DCS, Martin Logan and Avid turntables.

Tel. Colin Grundy on 01924 255 045

Brilliance continues to seek distribution of their cables with other well regarded dealerships. Please contact us with any trade enquiries.


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