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AV Interconnect Cables


Brilliance Hi-Fi's product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of av interconnect cables including digital interconnects, sub-woofer interconnect cables, RGB component video leads, RGBS / RGBHV projector / HDTV cables, composite video interconnects and multi-channel audio cable sets. All our av interlinks are custom-made in Manchester, UK, and are available with any RCA/BNC connector combination.

Clarity Digital Interconnects

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As with digital audio connections, to ensure the most effective data transfer to the av receiver, impedance matched components should be used throughout. The Clarity digital interconnect offers just that, a true 75 Ohm design using the latest Teflon coaxial cable with 100% shield coverage and Canare 75 Ohm terminations, (BNC or RCA connectors). A braided sheath improves aesthetics and mechanical protection for the cable, while a Canare boot improves strain relief at the connector.

Awarding the Clarity the top 5* score in their March 08 review, What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision said “Dynamic and forceful when required, but atmospheric and tender too”.

The characteristics of the Clarity digital interconnects make them an ideal choice for av applications including:

  • DVD to amplifiers equipped with Dolby Digital decoder*
  • DVD to amplifiers equipped with DTS decoder*
  • DVD to amplifiers equipped with PEG2 audio decoder*
  • DVD to amplifiers equipped with digital audio input *
  • DVD to Digital to Analogue Converters, DACs*

Clarity Sub-Woofer Interconnect Cables

AV Interconnect Cables: Clarity Subwoofer Cable The Clarity sub-woofer interconnect has a relatively easy job of carrying a very low-frequency, very low-bandwidth signal to active/passive sub-woofer speakers, however it must minimise EMI-induced hum from high-energy, low frequency power cords, fluorescent lights and other miscellaneous sources. The best defence here is a high quality shield, and this application is ideally suited to the Clarity sub-woofer interconnect with its advanced configuration. Please note that one cause of hum with sub-woofers is ground loops and no cable alone can resolve this problem. Pricing as per the Clarity digital interconnect.

AV Audio Interconnects

The well-reviewed Synergy audio interconnects are equally suited to multi-channel av audio applications. Synergy audio interconnects are available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 channel sets with your choice of boot colours.

If you have just invested in a HD player and wish to listen to HD audio using an older AV receiver, you can use the player’s decoder and use the multi-channel audio outputs – possible a more cost effective solution than buying a new expensive receiver!

For those that have AV systems but listen to high quality two-channel audio, we can supply mixed sets of interconnects with a Euphony pair for the fronts, and Synergy leads for the others. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

If you are fortunate to possess an AV set-up that can utilise the benefits of balanced interconnects, please contact regarding multi-channel sets of our Symmetry cables.

Clarity Component Video RGB Interconnect

AV Interconnect Cables: Clarity Component Video Cable Of the three popular video signal formats for TV video input, (Component, S-Video and Composite), Component Video which splits the video signal up into three separate components for the highest resolution and more realistic colour rendition, is the best. The electrical characteristics of the Clarity component interconnect make it a no compromise solution for professional-grade Component Video sets. These video cables are available with BNC connectors as well as the more common RCA plug, and red, green and blue strain relief boots are employed for channel identification.

Clarity Composite Video Interconnect

Composite AV image Although Composite Video isn't the best format for home cinema applications, it is almost universally supported by the audio-visual market, and so often performs an important role in audio-visual systems. Here as elsewhere, quality matters and use of the Clarity design will optimise the performance of your valuable home cinema set-up. Red, white and yellow strain relief boots identify individual av cables. The construction of these cables is effectively the same as for our Component Video leads, and although the identification colours are different for the two formats, it should not be beyond most users to successfully re-use these cables if they upgrade their system to one that utilises the superior Component Video connectors. Pricing as per Component Interconects cable sets.

Clarity RGBS & RGBHV projector / HDTV cables

As per the more common RGB Component video format, Clarity multiple cable sets are just at home with 4 and 5-conductor RGBS and RGBHV set-ups that can accept conventional RCA or BNC connectors. If you use one of these formats then it is a sign that you have hi-end home cinema equipment with outstanding potential, and you should not sacrifice performance by using inferior av leads to interlink your system.

For our complementary range of Prodigy single and bi-wire speaker cables with a choice of Profigold¹ banana plugs or Ixos spade connectors, please see our speaker cable page.

For details of our home audio cabling solutions please see our Audio interconnects page.

*Outputs and connectivity may vary between manufacturers. It is important that you check your av system components for suitability of digital and audio connections prior to confirming your order.

¹Profigold is a registered trademark of Profigold Cables.


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