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Upgraded Plugs for the Euphony XLR Synergy scoops What Hi-Fi Best Stereo Interconnect Award

Why choose Brilliance Hi-Fi cables?

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  • Brilliance Hi-Fi only sells direct or via a select number of specialised and experienced dealerships. Our personal and bespoke service philosophy permits us to concentrate on our products and their performance rather than expensive advertisements and complex distribution networks. Our focus on quality and value allows you to minimise the budget necessary for your audio or home cinema system, or to incorporate hi-fi cables that will stand you in good stead when considering future upgrades.
  • The Brilliance range of hi-fi cables, av interconnects and speaker cables benefit from a coherent design philosophy. All cables are constructed to well-established engineering principles and techniques, and only use components of the highest specification and quality.
  • Brilliance Hi-Fi believes in the saying "the best cable is no cable". Our custom-build service allows interconnect and speaker cable lengths to be minimised, thus optimising the performance of your audio/av system.

All Brilliance Hi-Fi cables can be split into a number of levels from entry level to hi-end audiophile applications, and the simple table below illustrates the relative performance of the various interconnects and speaker cable products.

Digital interconnects &
Sub-woofer interconnect

Audio phono leads &
av interconnect cables

Speaker cable &
bi-wire speaker cable



Synergy / Symmetry



Clarity DCT / Purity DCT




Clarity DCT / Purity DCT

Agility DCT


These recommended partnerships are an excellent starting point for cabling your audio/home cinema system. All Brilliance Hi-Fi cables have a similar tonal balance and are interchangeable, thus making the upgrade path relatively straightforward, and offering the option of changing cable parts gradually without sacrificing cable synergy. Even so, do not underestimate the capabilities of individual products and their relative performance in isolation.

Please note that while only 5 or 6mm in diameter, Brilliance Hi-Fi's Clarity and Synergy interconnects are made from reasonably stiff coaxial cables and this should be taken into consideration when determining cable lengths. Prodigy speaker cables are stiffer still but you'll find the Euphony audio interconnects flexible by comparison.

Nominal cable lengths refer to the pre-terminated cable length. Total length between terminator tips is usually around 30mm longer. Cables are supplied +/- 30mm.


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