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Clarity Sub-Woofer Interconnect Cable
Clarity Sub-Woofer Interconnect Cable


Sub-woofer interconnects have a relatively easy job of carrying very low-frequency, very low-bandwidth signals from the LFE (low frequency effects) output of your audio or home cinema amplifier/receiver to the low level input of your active or passive sub-woofer speakers. However a good sub-woofer cable must minimise EMI-induced hum from high-energy, low frequency power cords, fluorescent lights and other miscellaneous sources. The best defence here is a high quality shield, and this application is ideally suited to the Clarity sub-woofer interconnect cable with its advanced configuration. Please note that one cause of hum with sub-woofers is ground loops and no cable alone can resolve this problem. The Clarity sub-woofer interconnect cable is available with RCA or BNC connectors with pricing the same as for the Clarity digital interconnect lead.

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¹Profigold is a registered trademark of Profigold Cables.

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